Waldstudio2This is the story of Peter Folk, a german folk musician who`s getting tired of playing sad guitar songs.

There will be a new project called TROPIC with his bandmate Johannes Lehniger.

But before that, enjoy this short retrospective with all his songs. Download it, share it, whatever. You`re welcome!

He wishes to thank all the musicians who played and toured with him:

Cornelius Kirfel – Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, Recording, Mixing, Art Direction
Matze Weber – Drums
Fred Esser – Drums
Maria Schween – Piano, Vocals
Vincent Hammel – Drums
Andi Pfeiffer – Electric Guitar
Alex Wienand – Piano
Wieland Jubelt – Drums
Urs Johnen – Bass Guitar, Contrabass
Jan Rohden – Pedal Steel Guitar
Genoel Kirfel – Piano
Flo Gwinner – Bass Guitar, Contrabass
Delhia De France Grohmann – Vocals
Annika Bosch – Vocals
Boris Nielsen – Bass Guitar

Thank you so much, guys!




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